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I painted this about 5 years ago for a Vox Inferne album and it's finally being used. Hooray!

(Read more about Vox Inferne at Team Science Records.)

When are you most productive?

I have maybe two big bursts of productive, focused energy per day: One right in the morning, first thing. This is good for workdays, since I have to be in at 8:30, and for weekends, because that’s when all the things I procrastinate on during the week get (at least partially) finished. Wait, can something be “partially finished?” You know what I mean.

The other really creative time of day is actually at night, right before I fall asleep. There’s a short period of time just between being fully awake and falling-asleep where spatial perception, which I’ve always had trouble with during waking hours, becomes very easy for me. Complex plans and shapes and structures and ideas seem simple and self-explanatory. New, innovative ways of  seeing things or ideas spring, full-blown, into my mind.

And then I fall asleep and forget a lot of them.

Anyway, it’s snowing again and I’m still loving it. I shoveled my car out for the drive to work and, after a lot of huffing and snow down my boots, got about 40 feet up Carversville Road and was like, “Yeah, right.” And I carefully turned around and came home again.



Hey, it did snow after all!

Haha, just kidding. I like to march around declaring “Aw, it’s not gonna snow” while everyone runs around in a panic, their snowfall predictions increasing exponentially. Superstitiously, I secretly think that this will work as some sort of anti-jinx and that it will snow even more.

I love me some snow.

I’m supposed to drive someone to Trenton today though, and that I do not love so much. But I’m hardcore like that.

Alright, actually I’m not hardcore like that, but I’ll do it anyway.

Yesterday I found a HUGE cardboard box of treasures still unpacked from my move, back in May. It was like Christmas! Dozens of teeny tiny newspaper-wrapped treasures, just waiting for me to exclaim over them and pile them up all over the house. Hooray!

The apartment number from my sentimental "places I have lived" hoard, and some eensy weensy bottles.

The apartment number from my sentimental “places I have lived” hoard, and some eensy weensy bottles.

This is a hideous cabinet I bought at the thrift store for $5. I painted it white, stuck some 100-year-old book pages in the back, and rubbed gold finishing wax on.

Tiny antique pill box, decaying doll hand, and wooden box with surprise inside.

Antique syringe, corrosive mystery substance, tiny bottle filled with snake rib bones (and one straightpin).

Little silver chair (it’s a card-holder), some … part … from inside a clock, box of tiny French clockmaking tools. Oh yeah, the string running down the side are snake vertebrae on dental floss.

There was a very mysterious floorboard in my library.

So I decided to pry it up.

The hardest part was where the board was nailed to a big beam.

I yanked a lot of them out with a hammer.

This one had a crazy halo of ancient dust around it.


The hardest nail had been in there for a million years and had gotten all squished down under the wood.

I tried to trim away the wood with an exacto blade, but it didn’t work.

My boyfriend tried to pry it up, but then he got cranky so I made him go away.

Finally I managed to cram the hammer under there and crack the board into two pieces!

It was the best day ever.

Like opening up an ancient secret tomb!

Malady liked it too.

Here’s the left side …

… and here’s the right.

I also stuck the camera down there so I could see where it went.

It went straight.

Here’s what I found down there:

  • plaster from the old ceiling lathes
  • half a porcelain knob-and-tube knob
  • two dimes (2006)
  • part of a condom wrapper
  • part of that old cloth people used to wrap wires in

Then I sort of stuck the floor back together.

The end!