The Umbrella grew up in an old house across the street from a crumbling graveyard in a tiny town. She was an only child and as a result played with her doll house a lot.

Now she’s a little older and still plays with her doll house from time to time, but also likes to read and to paint and collect antique medical equipment.

In her spare time Rain writes letters, obsesses over Futurama, and creates terribly offensive MadLibs.

She enjoys the music of Leonard Cohen and Oingo Boingo; the novels of Donna Tartt and Michael Cunningham; the taste of mangoes and whiskey; and the mystery of the people in antique photographs.

Like many other talented artists, sometimes The Umbrella has trouble paying her rent and buying cat food. If you’d like to be a patron of the arts and sponsor this lovely starving artist, feel free to make a PayPal donation to rain@brokenumbrella.com and she will construct many great shrines in your honor.

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