I painted this about 5 years ago for a Vox Inferne album and it's finally being used. Hooray!

(Read more about Vox Inferne at Team Science Records.)

When are you most productive?

I have maybe two big bursts of productive, focused energy per day: One right in the morning, first thing. This is good for workdays, since I have to be in at 8:30, and for weekends, because that’s when all the things I procrastinate on during the week get (at least partially) finished. Wait, can something be “partially finished?” You know what I mean.

The other really creative time of day is actually at night, right before I fall asleep. There’s a short period of time just between being fully awake and falling-asleep where spatial perception, which I’ve always had trouble with during waking hours, becomes very easy for me. Complex plans and shapes and structures and ideas seem simple and self-explanatory. New, innovative ways of  seeing things or ideas spring, full-blown, into my mind.

And then I fall asleep and forget a lot of them.

Anyway, it’s snowing again and I’m still loving it. I shoveled my car out for the drive to work and, after a lot of huffing and snow down my boots, got about 40 feet up Carversville Road and was like, “Yeah, right.” And I carefully turned around and came home again.