Hey, it did snow after all!

Haha, just kidding. I like to march around declaring “Aw, it’s not gonna snow” while everyone runs around in a panic, their snowfall predictions increasing exponentially. Superstitiously, I secretly think that this will work as some sort of anti-jinx and that it will snow even more.

I love me some snow.

I’m supposed to drive someone to Trenton today though, and that I do not love so much. But I’m hardcore like that.

Alright, actually I’m not hardcore like that, but I’ll do it anyway.

Yesterday I found a HUGE cardboard box of treasures still unpacked from my move, back in May. It was like Christmas! Dozens of teeny tiny newspaper-wrapped treasures, just waiting for me to exclaim over them and pile them up all over the house. Hooray!

The apartment number from my sentimental "places I have lived" hoard, and some eensy weensy bottles.

The apartment number from my sentimental “places I have lived” hoard, and some eensy weensy bottles.

This is a hideous cabinet I bought at the thrift store for $5. I painted it white, stuck some 100-year-old book pages in the back, and rubbed gold finishing wax on.

Tiny antique pill box, decaying doll hand, and wooden box with surprise inside.

Antique syringe, corrosive mystery substance, tiny bottle filled with snake rib bones (and one straightpin).

Little silver chair (it’s a card-holder), some … part … from inside a clock, box of tiny French clockmaking tools. Oh yeah, the string running down the side are snake vertebrae on dental floss.