I was asked to post some photos of my cottage, specifically I think of some of the clutter / ephemera / oddities / whatever you want to call it. I’ve been here for three years almost exactly. It’s the longest I’ve lived in one place since I moved out of my parents’ house eleven years ago, though I’m not sure how much longer I’ll be here since my landlord passed away and the property, apparently, is for sale (I found this out only because the lawyer in charge of the estate told me, much to my bafflement).

We don’t have enough money to move, which is a little worrying, and honestly I don’t think we’ll be able to find a place where the rent is this cheap. I try not to worry about this (the term ‘concerned’ has been suggested in its stead) and sometimes am successful, sometimes not. But I digress.

Click on the images for more detail. Alright. Here we have an old drawer that I think I found in the trash when I lived in New York. That ‘3’ you see there is from the apartment I lived in previous to this one. Um … hm, it looks like there’s an old doll hand, a bullet casing that I think I used to put in my ear, and this glass egg that that has a funny but long story behind it, which I won’t tell here. Up top is a neat vintage children’s booklet about dental care.

This is the corner behind the TV in the living room (one of two rooms in the cottage). The gold thing was given to me by my gay neighbor at the previous apartment. The violin I, um, relocated, from the prop closet of a place I was an artists’ model at. I wanted to cut it open recently but Thom dissuaded me. The Sandman drawing was sent to me by Michael Zulli, who is just incredible. The little bottles I *think* came from etsy. You can’t see them, but the photos tucked behind the bottles on the little left-hand shelf are photos of a woman’s funeral. They were a birthday gift from my friend Josh a few years ago.

I’m not sure how it started, but I started to put all the artwork my friend Jeremy has sent me over the years in this corner. (He doesn’t have a website, but he’s one of the most incredible illustrators I know.) He made me that puppet (we dated when I was living in Savannah) and the bottle (which once held very incredible mead) has an illustration he did on it that reads ‘NOT POISON’. The scrapbook propped up on the right has most of the other artwork in it, held in place with photograph corners. Jeremy is amazing. In fact, I’m going to post of photo of us now:


This is us years ago at the Museum of Puppetry Art in Atlanta (with a skeksie).

I have a neat (albeit very small) bathroom. The window came from an old curio cabinet. Hanging from the ceiling is an antique enema bag that someone found in an alley in Savannah and promptly brought to me (rightly so). It folds up into a box and has a cameo on the lid. I know. Next to it, on the top shelf, is an antique enema syringe I bought for $15 in New York at a flea market. It’s huge and heavy and very disturbing. The tip of the syringe has been bent in sort of a U shape (my theory is that someone did this so they could administer their own enemas and avoid humiliation, but it’s just a theory). There’s a pamphlet that came with a vintage douching device called the Marvel Whirling Spray that has all sorts of old and incorrect advice in it (it says you can use it for children, for example. Vintage douching solutions were basically Lysol.). Behind that is this great book called Flushed With Pride, which is the story of Thomas Crapper, inventor of the commode. Another photo:

A lot of the little junk I can’t find room for anywhere else winds up on the fireplace mantel (the fireplace doesn’t work because it’s filled with branches and dead leaves) in the living room. The giant mirror I picked out of the trash in town here. It weighs a billion pounds. I’m not sure where a lot of the other stuff came from … hrm. The dried roses I’ve amassed from various, er, suitors, over the years. The little clasped hands you see to the left are a really neat clay rattle I got for the holidays a few years ago. One thing I really like is the metal dohickey on the right, propped up against the old photo. I believe it’s a micrometer, though I’m not sure. It’s the same shape as the wishbone I propped up underneath it.

Whew! So that’s some (but not close to all) of the stuff I can’t seem to stop attracting. I love it. The end!