Malady is a Mighty Hunter and a Great Slayer of Tiny Beasts. All last night I could hear him galloping around, smiting (or as we like to say, smoting) little creatures. Then he took a Mighty Poop.

This morning there were what we call interns on the floor. An intestine (pronounced in-TES-tyne) and a stomach, Thom said.

It’s interesting that living with someone for an extended period of time, you start to invent words for things, or to use existing words in different ways. Smoting and interns and intestyne being the examples here. I do think most of the words we’ve invented to tend to refer to the cat. He’s got myriad nicknames (such as Mem and Mallomort) and words for things he does (when sleeping, if he rolls over so that his belly is up, we say The cat has turned).

There are many other odd turns of phrase and spoonerisms we use without even really thinking about them. Do you do this too?